At AusSpec our aim has always been to make spectral geology available to all geologists. We believe there is huge unrealised value in spectral data which is wasted using current processing techniques.
AISIRIS captures that value in an accurate and standardised way and fully integrates a very valuable data set into your company data workflow in an intuitive and visual format.


AusSpec International is a key player in the global exploration and mining environment by creating and delivering expertise and tools for processing spectral data from field and laboratory spectrometers.

AusSpec has played a vital role in changing the way the mining and exploration industry processes spectral data. We were instrumental in the development of the TSG software and the creation of innovative products such as the GMEX Spectral libraries. We continue to provide flexible services targeted at improving the way spectral data are handled by the user.

Putting the user first, AusSpec has delivered these products through systems which allow large corporations to trust the technology and understand the role these kinds of spectral data play in the exploration and mining environment.

Our services are based around a genuine desire to help all our clients achieve their goals. The result is many long-term relationships founded on trust and backed up with reliable advice.

“AISIRIS is a step change”

Paul Agnew, Chief Geologist, Rio Tinto Exploration

“We have better things to do than look at spectra, AISIRIS is more accurate and more rigorous”

Chief Geochemist, large uranium minex company

“AISIRIS has given us a leap in understanding”

Regional Manager Project Generation, Global mining and resources company